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Medicaid and Welfare Reform: States' Use of the $500 Million Federal Fund
Publication Date: October 1999 Research Area: Health; Social conditions
Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Workers: Protective Statutes
Publication Date: May 2006 Research Area: Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Health Insurance: Uninsured by State, 2005
Publication Date: September 2006 Research Area: Health
What is Adequate Relief?
Publication Date: August 1913 Research Area: Social conditions
Publisher(s): Author(s): S.B.
Why Does Global Health Matter to Your State? - North Carolina
Publication Date: September 2008 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): Families USA Author(s): Families USA
Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion: Public Health Challenges in Latin America and the Carribean
Publication Date: November 2001 Research Area: Social conditions
Publisher(s): Guttmacher Institute Author(s): Lisa Remez